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James Hooker’s 18 year old girlfriend moves back in with her 41 year old accused sexual predator boyfriend.

Jordan Powers


Jordan Powers

Jason Hooker and Jordan Powers are either very much in love or very much addicted to each other for better or worse…

Neighbors across the street from where James Hooker live woke up with a shock recently. What shock you wonder? The shock of seeing the recently released accused child molester and his 18 year old girlfriend, Jordan Powers, re united and giddily looking into each other’s eyes. This after Ms Powers as recently as two weeks high tailed it out of her school teacher boyfriend’s house when it was revealed charges were brought against the 41 year old  for purportedly having sexually abused a 17 year old student in 1998.

The allegations at the time so vexed the ex student (she has since dropped out to be with her ex school teacher full time whilst he left his wife and three children to be with her 24/7) that she felt she had no recourse but to follow her mother’s lead (Tammie Powers)who at this stage had mounted a very public campaign to humiliate Mr Hooker and to get California state to agree to a law forbidding teachers from ever forming relationships with students, even if they are above the age of consent (the proposed law has been quickly quashed).

James Hooker

That said, it appears since the allegations first appeared and Mr Hooker was brought into questioning the media took it upon themselves to launch a campaign of public ridicule and shame pointing that this author was left wondering to himself the degree of manipulation and emotional swaying courtesy of journalists with a hidden agenda to paint men like Mr Hooker, who although not perfect as some sort of sexual predator looking to usurp the youth and affection of one young woman of legal consent who has willfully chosen to be with her lover.

To suggest that there isn’t some covert plan to paint this man as a hideous creature lacking in moral fiber is too obvious and plain to see, what though is lacking is an understanding that these two ‘adults’ despite her age, despite the fact that yes he left his wife and children and yes he is balding are ultimately capable of making their own decision as to how they must engage each other. Especially if Ms Power’s mother, doesn’t like it, she too must move out of the way and desist from trying to control her daughter and realize that she must have faith in her daughter as much as it pains her to see her pursue such an unorthodox relationship.

Ultimately this couple must and can exist for themselves and not for the skewed moral construct of a few morally repulsed journalists in search of the perfect headline.

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18 year old school girl breaks up with her live in teacher ‘pervert’ boyfriend.

Tammie Powers.


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