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Dumped boyfriend posts nude photos of ex in public spaces with her name, address and cell number.



Breaking up can be hard to do…

Welcome to the life of one recently dumped boyfriend who just happens to be having a hard time getting used to being dumped. So painful has the break up to his girlfriend been that the boyfriend who has yet to be publicly named (me cries not fair) that he felt compel to exact revenge on his ex by making a flyer which features her half naked with her name, address and cell. He then set out to post it and circulate it as far as the eye could see in his home town of Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

What do you think has thus happened? That’s right the bixch has received a barrage of phone calls from hapless males with even one turning up to her house.

Reports Channel 2 Action news: He said, “I’m responding to your ad.”

She said the man then told her: ‘There’s an ad that I just found in Lowe’s bathroom, and it has your body on it; it has your contact information.

‘I said, ‘Oh, my God. How did this get out?’

‘(The phone) just constantly rings. I’m getting text messages from people.

‘I am living in hell. I don’t go outside. I don’t go outside, because I’m afraid.’

The moral of the lesson? Must you always share naked pictures of yourself with spouses,lovers and partners? And if you do then just be aware that maybe one day it might end up being used against you, which if you are a celebrity whore will probably help your career, but on the off chance you are not a celebrity the shit will end up making your life hell. Then again there’s nothing like sweet revenge then posting a couple of naked pics of his small penis either….

In the interim the victim has filed a temporary protective order against her former hawt bixch. In the meantime ladies, should your boyfriend pull this stunt and you hear your name being mouthed over and over in a climaxing voice by a Starbucks bathroom just know you’ve been punked.