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Andrej Pejic dissed lover comes forward…

Andrej Pejic.
Andrej Pejic.

Even androgynous models fall in and out of love. Just ask Andrej Pejic.

I can’t be sure if the following is true, but something about it struck me as lyrical, the idea of unrequited love (who hasn’t experienced it?). Then again like most public figures there’s always intrigue about their private lives and by extension their love life (rumor has been going back and forth for some time about whether Andrej is gay or not or bi, or even asexual but frankly I don’t think it matters one way or another, as young Andrej has established the capacity to love us, his fans, back plenty fold).

Anyway- have a read. See what you think? True or false? Oh the humanity of even our idols…

I was with Andrej 2 years ago.We were madly in love.We wanted kids,lived together.Then,one day,reason still isn’t clear, he went to home- town, ereased me as a friends on all social networks ,from messengers,and never called again. I saw him three times. First time he ignored me. Second time he told me I ruined his life and he feels physical pain standing next to me, and 4 months ago he acted like on beginning-but didn’t ask for phone and never called.Why I feel we are still in love.What to do?

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*** Update: Oh dear it seems I might have been a bit hasty in my as Andrej himself bless his soul has termed rush to get the ‘hawt’ scoop of the year. Lol. Anyway in all fairness to Andrej who if he doesn’t already know I adore and just brings me huge smiles when I see the hawt bixch traipse down the runway I bring you his tumblr response. My apologies my dear- love Scallywag:

hausofandrejpejic.tumblr.com: Okay my lovely followers, please don’t be alarmed lol What anon means is this blog’s entry.

I first read about it via twitter and apparently it’s just a case of failed journalism misunderstanding. The ‘source’ was from Stylecaster, which someone had asked for a love advice regarding her boyfriend, who was coincidentally by the name of Andrej.

For some reason the blog writer was certain that the lady was talking about Andrej Pejic, and hastily posted the news scoop of the year. If only he or she checked the site again and scrolled down, they’d have known that the lady’s boyfriend wasn’t the Serb-Croat Andrej Pejic but a Slovakian Andrej (heck she didn’t even know who our Andrej was) The confusion, thankfully has already been cleared up but sadly even after I’ve pointed out the mistake, the entry is still there.


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  2. Hello, I just wanted to make a little correction that Andrej doesn’t have a tumblr and Haus of Andrej Pejic is a fan blog and I, as the admin posted the comment about the whole issue last night.

  3. This was a stupid posting to start with…no damn proof whatsoever that the person was ever in a relationship with Andrej at all….get a grip and some real news!

    Take this item down and try again! Have SOME standards and self respect as a blogger….this posting had neither!

  4. Sophie- I have added an update. I’d be more embarrassed if I didn’t make the edit as opposed to admitting it was a misunderstanding on my part, but at least in my defense I did preface that I wasn’t sure. Thankfully you the readers and Andrej Pejic himself, have cleared things up. Well, so much for unrequited love being a topic du jour….blah!

  5. Check your source again. Andrej is a popular name, as common as “Andrew” is in England and the US, and this young lady is not referring to Pejic. Sloppy journalism and a very pretentious leap to make. You ought to be embarrassed.

  6. Haha this is too funny. Check your “source” again, read the whole fucking thing!
    ps: Before you think I’m Andrej Pejic, it’s just a coincidence, okay? Andrei is a popular name.

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