Home Scandal and Gossip Married couple arrested for advertising orgies and wife swapping on Facebook.

Married couple arrested for advertising orgies and wife swapping on Facebook.

Suspected couple arrested.
Suspected couple arrested.

Bon chic! The things being advertised on Facebook.

Egyptian authorities have arrested a local couple after facebook postings the couple had made caught their attention. According to the husband and wife who had advertised spouse swapping and orgies at their Cairo apartment, a sudden tightening of their financial resources had incited them to start a facebook page seeking willing couples to participate in exchange for a fee.

It is also said that the 30 year old husband when he is not running his swinger parties works at a local accountancy office which could possibly the notion that most accountants are boring. His similarly aged wife was a housewife who when occasion would permit would like to entertain, ahem, at home.

To date the wife admits that she had been offered up to 3 different occasions by her husband in exchange for money. Apparently the couple had caused a stir after having become a favorite destination page on facebook (can anyone guess why?) which eventually led to authorities investigating the matter as a prostitution racket.

Said Brigadier General Omar Abdel-Aal, Director, Immoral Anti-Crimes Department, Giza Security Department : “Investigations were initiated after complaints were made.’

Reflects emirates247 where this story is sourced from: Extra-marital sex is generally frowned upon in Egypt, although couples go ahead with it after obtaining informal marriages, and could lead to prostitution charges.

Hmm. Have you been immoral lately?

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