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Kelly Clarkson dating step-son of Reba McEntire

Blackstock & Clarkson looking cozy at the Superbowl
Blackstock & Clarkson looking cozy at the Superbowl

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After years of being single, Kelly Clarkson is officially off the market! The winner of American Idol who was famous for her Alanis-esque songs such as “Never Again” and “Since U Been Gone” is rumored to be dating Brandon Blackstock, CEO of Starstruck Management Group and son of Narvel Blackstock (who also happens to manage Kelly and is the husband of Reba McEntire). Brandon Blackstock also oversees much of Blake Shelton’s career.

The two have been spending quite a bit of time together, most recently side by side at Grammy afterparty hosted by InStyle. Before that, the two were seen exchanging flirty tweets over several months – see @bblackstock.

A source close to Clarkson tells us she “couldn’t be happier” and that it’s “been a long time coming.” Kelly also recently confirmed this news in a new interview with Toronto radio station CHFI 98.1.

Of Blackstock, Kelly says: “He understands my work and how much I work and i understand his stuff.”

Kelly’s previous boyfriends include former Evanescence member David Hodges, and tour-partner Graham Colton. Blackstock was previously married to wife Michelle with whom he has two children. The pair filed for divorce last year.

You can catch Clarkson appearing on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ tonight and every Monday night until March 26th.


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  • Guest

    Brandon’s ex’s name is Melissa, not Michelle, with children Savannah and Seth.

  • Christina85

    ok doss Kelly Clarkson have bangs now? because it doesn’t look like her at all. I didn’t recognize her.

  • Rulesmiley
  • KellyClarksonFanForEver! :)

    I just saw the interview…I guess it is true OR Kelly is joking around (but I don’t think she does) I’m kind of afraid that she stops with making music, after she makes the 2 last records 🙁
    I have a double feeling, because I’m happy for Kelly but I’m afraid that she is gonna stop with her music and with touring around the world :'(

  • Guest

    They’re dating but doing it on the sly. Brandon’s divorce isn’t final yet.

  • Notice how on websites, writers don’t ever usually reveal their sources? 🙂

  • Ilovereba85

    I personally think Brandon and Kelly would be a very cute couple! Hope it’s true. And how awesome for Kelly she would kind of be related to her idol Reba