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High schools now demand female students stop dressing as sluts to their proms.

Revealing prom dress? A little inappropriate maybe?
Revealing prom dress? A little inappropriate maybe?

Schools across America are increasingly mandating what young ladies should be wearing to their big night out- the prom. Why you wonder? Because too many of you have been turning up as ho’s and teachers have finally have enough!

dailymail.co.uk: It is hoped that a variety of pre-emptive measures, including posters and PowerPoint presentations, will enforce a strict prom dress code to ensure female students dress appropriately for the annual social highlight.

Of course who gets to decide what’s appropriate? Not the eager keen teeny bopper who’s got to out wit her slimy grease ball femme fatales who are all eyeing the school football captain very much. After all a cursory look beyond the school ground will have images of next to nothing scantily dressed women as the norm. Can you really blame a girl for wanting to sex it up when the world is out to remind her despite pigeon talk that she is to be adored for her sensitivity and brains at the end of the day it’s her having a killer rack or great ass that will get her attention?

Reflects the dailymail: The issue is nothing new – teenage girls have always, and always will, try and wear as revealing a dress as they can get away with.

But many high school principals have had enough of turning girls away from the dance and are now taking decisive action.

This means school hallways are plastered with posters detailing specific guidelines of what is an acceptable dress – and what is not.

Shall we then? Let’s take a tour of what’s in and what’s not?

Kids, are you noticing the same thing over and over with the appropriate dresses: no slits, no revealing thigh, no cuts and no plunging necklines? How’s a girl to get the school football captain? And now what’s definitely unacceptable…

Lest we get a little carried away and start crying violently about women being repeatedly pigeon holed in in appropriate gender roles (which they are like men, who must be macho and never cry) maybe it might help to understand that most school children are under the age of consent. Then again the reality is many of them are starting to find their sexuality way before they turn 16 or 17 even if some school handbooks would like to wish otherwise…