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Gay men need not serve the army in Turkey. A fool proof way to out you fags!

The Turkish army would like to remind you all gays that you are not welcome.
The Turkish army would like to remind you all gays that you are not welcome.

Calling attention to all you faggots. Sounds politically incorrect? Well wait how politically incorrect the shit is when you happen to be gay in Turkey and are called up for your compulsory military service. Well that is just the beginning of your problem, cause a/ the Army wont accept you if you are gay, sick, demented and psychologically ill (get the drift fag…) and b/ if the army doesn’t take you then your faggot ass can expect to be bullied and beat up and of course eventually fired. A bixch right? Oh stop complaining you fag!

Now here comes the bixchy stuff, in order to get out of being socially ostracized (yes fags have it rough all over the world and stop complaining bixch or I will bixch slap your faggot ass) you will of course want to join the army. After all there is nothing more humiliating to a proud Turk then his peers possibly wondering his faggot ass is actually fag gay. That to be sure would be a spanner in the woodworks.

But the army isn’t stupid. No sirreee. Never stupid. Not the army. Not the Turkish army. They’ve seen your lot for ever and they have a brilliant way of outing you when you try and pull a fast one and serve the elite army. How will the army out your faggot ass? Well let’s find out:

bbc via gawker:

        • Answer questions regarding your preference on football, wearing women’s clothing, and/or perfume.

  • Maintain a smooth face devoid of facial hair at all times. You must look gay.
  • Provide a picture of yourself dressed as a woman.
  • Or. Provide a picture of yourself kissing another man.
  • Provide explicit sexual photographs in which you are the “passive partner” (see: a bottom).
  • Your face must be clearly visible and identifiable in these photos.
  • Total compliance with an undefined “personality test,” diagnosed by a licensed physician.


Kids who would of thought fags liked women’s clothing or were clean shaven. Not me. I thought they were hairy creatures who endlessly sweated and lived in lagoons with other fags listening to Barry Manilow repeats. Isn’t that what all you fags do? Well according to the Turkish army that is exactly what you all do.

But the shit gets better, yes the hate mongering always gets better. Personally I have no idea why all you fags get used to being hated. Really it’s only been since the dawn of time that you have all been despised, well maybe not when everyone was a pagan. The hating came after everyone turned into Catholism. Or maybe in Turkey’s case everyone went into the Muslim brotherhood.

Cause even though the army has now caught your ass and worked out that you really are gay it can take over a year before a pink slip is issued, and once they are, men are often bullied and can lose their jobs. See you get to be bullied because your gay before you join the army and you get to be bullied after the army outs and rejects you too. It’s a home run if you ask me. Right?

Which is all another way of saying you are fucked if you are gay and fucked if you try to make believe you are not gay. The moral of the lesson? Don’t ever ever dare try being gay in Turkey or similar parts of the world where you will be condemned (yes not even in the US, the rap sheet ultimately isn’t all that much better) and martyred for the sheer virtue you like to cry in a mans arms and tell him you love him. As well as stick your private parts in each other. But that’s your business….right?



  1. Wow. What a horribly written article. Your writer’s voice sucks…big penis. Dude, find another profession. #grammar

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