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Sisters torture teen with pliers and force him to drink urine after he refuses to have sex.

Amanda Johnson, 17 and Valerie Bartkey, 24.
Amanda Johnson, 17 and Valerie Bartkey, 24.

Asked by police to rate from a scale of 1 to 10 what the pain level was a 17 year old abducted boy replied 10….

24 year old Valerie Bartkey and her 17 year old sister Amanda Johnson are facing 25 years to life in imprison after having tortured a 17 year old boy with pliers whom they met at a mutual friends house after imploring him to come and visit.

Upon arriving at the house, the sisters having smoked marijuana began to assault the boy, with one of the sisters stomping on his left arm the other having put her foot on his neck. Fearing further calamity, the boy agreed to the sisters demands to go to the basement downstairs where they proceeded to insist that he have sex with them.

Having repeatedly refused the sisters sexual intimations, the boy was then stripped naked whereby the sisters then forced him to drink urine from one of the sisters in a glass ( he had been led to believe it was lemonade initially) whilst the other tormented him by applying unrelenting pressure on his penis with nearby pliers. In another room crying was the 4 year old child of Valerie Bartkey.

The sisters only stopped after the boy that all three had come to visit had returned from an errand and demanded that the sisters leave the house. Having left the house, an ambulance was called for whereby the 17 year old boy was taken to hospital in lieu of injuries he had sustained. It was there that the boy’s grandparents sought to press charges.

At some point after the charges were made, the 17 year old boy asserts that one of the sisters called threatening to tell police he had been using drugs the day of the incident if he did not recant and drop all charges. This led to the boy seeking once again the involvement of authorities who subsequently charged the sister with a misdemeanor count of intimidation.

At present the sisters are charged with second degree sexual assault by battery and criminal damage to property, and are scheduled for initial court appearances April 12th of this year.

The most pressing question of course is why the girls haven’t been charged with first degree aggravated rape and why they thought they could get away with such a heinous crime in the first place? Casting humiliation aside that this young boy will have to carry for the rest of his life, he will also be left with a visceral physical reminder of the day two women attempted to emasculate him in the most deranged way possible.

Then again these are some of the attitudes some women adopt when a man inexplicably in their minds chooses not to have sex with them. If a woman can decline a man’s intimations for sex, surely a man can too? Right….?




  1. He isn’t gay.( I did research)
    But you are somewhat right.

    I (also straight) would NEVER sleep with those two:

    1) I’m a virgin
    2) they are Ugly

    A guy doesn’t always have to be gay if he not to want to have sex with someone.
    Nor does he have to be asexual.

    Labeling men who were victim to rape , gay is one of the main reasons male rape is so under reported.

    If raped by a gay man, the victim fears being labeled gay himself; while if raped by a woman, other men would tease him for not going along with it and call him Gay( just like you did)

  2. You idiot…Have you thought that this boy could be GAY ? If this is the case sex with these tramps would have been impossible for a Gay man cant get turned on with women.

  3. If two men beat up and attempted to gang-rape a girl in this manner, the world would have been baying for their blood… 25-to-life means they might be out in 10 or 15 years with good behaviour… seems about right for this, given what sentances have been handed down elsewhere. Equality before the law! If you think this sentance is too harsh, fight ALL harsh sentances… do not cave in on the alter of political correctness and call for lesser sentances for women. What kind of warped double-standards are you working with?!?!?

  4. These girls took advantage of and abused a developmentally challenged boy.  Where was the compassion there?  They knew he wouldn’t stand up to them and, from what I understand, Amanda regularly harassed and bullied him at school.  He left shortly after this incident because she wouldn’t leave him alone.  That’s why she gets the extra intimidation charge.  If you look up the WI Circuit Court website  http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index.xsl
    and search for both of these girls, you will see that they’ve already got extensive criminal histories.  Especially Amanda.  She had 5 open and pending criminal cases right now between St Croix and Pierce Counties in WI.  What these girls need is a serious wake-up call for Daddy to stop bailing their asses out of jail.  Compassion is lost on a sociopath, male or female.

  5. 25 to life is too long for this crime.  Justice can only occur if firmness is tempered with compassion.  I am a dedicated and activist Men’s Rights Activist, but I have no dsire to see the kind of “equality” that brings brutal and unjust courtroom vengeance upon women, simiilar to what is routinely done with men and boys.

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