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Los Angeles school superintendent suspends entire faculty after school teachers caught sexually abusing children.


In an extraordinary move in response to growing public outcry and the concerns of embittered parents, Los Angeles school superintendent John Dasey has suspended the entire faculty of Miramonte elementary school replacing them with psychiatric social workers.

In what many have speculated to be a cover up amongst teachers to bring forward 2 teachers to the attention of authorities for unscrupulous behavior L.A’s school superintendent John Dasey announced the move last night pursuant to an urgent meeting that was organized to discuss the recent turn of events after it was revealed last Thursday that there was now another school teacher being brought forward for questioning in his role for sexually molesting school children as young as 6 years old.

Last week, 61 year old Mark Berndt was charged with committing lewd acts on as many as 23 children from the ages of 6-10, blindfolding them and feeding them his own sperm on a spoon and then having taken pictures of them. It was these pictures (what Mr Berndt did with these pictures is anyone’s morbid guess) that in fact caught the attention of school peers who decided not to bring Mr Berndt’s actions to authorities until a year later whom by now had voluntarily retired after 32 years at the school, in effect getting to keep his $4000 monthly pension and health plan.

Pursuant to him being forward, a second teacher was also brought forward, 49 year old Martin Springer who is said to have fondled two have fondled two young girls. At present rumors are abound as to who might be brought forward next, as parents fear a collusion amongst teachers that allowed this behavior to persist. Already former pupils are alleging a music teacher by the name of Vance Miller had initiated sexual relationships with them whilst attending school.

Of interesting note is that the incidents took place in a predominantly poor Latino neighborhood, where many students and pupils struggle with English. It has been suggested that the preponderance of Latino students and families may have preempted school authorities not to have acted affirmatively when the crises first came to the fore- if true, it poses a serious questioning of the attitudes towards those parts of the population who are often perceived with negatively.

So much for equal education for all you may wonder…


Oh not again?! LA school to shut down after second arrest involving school teacher who spoon fed pupils his own sperm.