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Eric Lee King is a very hawt bixch. How to walk out of a store with a 19 inch TV in your pants.

Eric Lee King. Preferred hawt bixch.
Eric Lee King. Preferred hawt bixch.

Kids, I’m trying to figure out how 21 year old Eric Lee King nearly got away with the crime of the week (you think?). What crime you wonder? The crime that involves you thinking beyond your wildest possible dreams you can get away with stupid shit. Then again, Eric is of the opinion people barely pay attention to each other, so maybe it was never going to be too difficult to walk out with a 19 inch tv halfway down your pants.

‘Sir is that a 19 inch tv in your pants?’

‘No that’s just me excited to see you.’

Could you imagine?

Here are the specifics:

upi: On Dec. 5, a police officer said he saw King drop a box of candy in a store parking lot in Eagan. But when the officer called out to King to alert him, King did not respond and the officer then noticed King was walking strangely.

The officer drove up to King and honked his horn to get his attention, but King still did not respond.

The officer got out of his car to confront King, who reached into his pants, prompting the officer to handcuff him.

After King was handcuffed, the officer noticed a large rectangular object in King’s pants, which turned out to be a 19-inch, flat-screen television. The officer also found other items, including a remote control, power cords and a bottle of brake fluid, on King.

The moral of the lesson, next time you put on your baggy pants for your next hold up remedy, try for the 12 inch TV, it might be a little less noticeable.

Found in this hawt bixch’s possession was a bottle of Xanax. Of course…right? Eric ended up this Friday past being charged with misdemeanor shoplifting and fifth-degree felony possession of a controlled substance in Dakota’s County District Court.