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74 year old man dies after swallowing his dentures whilst having sex with a 62 year old prostitute.


When it’s your time to go, just be grateful you made it this far….

Kids. I have to admit me and the chipmunks haven’t laughed this hard since we found out that our hero Lilo was resigned to having to sweep the bowel movements of dead people after one miserable probation hearing. That said it’s time for what has to be one of the most bizarre misfortunes that could befall a single person.

Which raises another question, why is it that sometimes the most horrible things in life elicit the most visceral reactions? Case in point….

asiaone: A 74-YEAR-OLD man died after he accidentally swallowed his dentures during sex with a 62-year-old prostitute in Taiwan, reported Nanyang Siang Pau.

The man, known as Chen, had been living with a close female friend in New Taipei City after separating from his wife many years ago.

The prostitute said she had sex with Chen for 30 minutes.

She said Chen had got up from the bed, paid her and was about to put on his clothes when he suddenly collapsed.

“He fell back onto the bed. His eyes were open but he was not moving although I shook his body and tried to wake him up,” said the woman, who called the rescue team.

Chen was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Doctors later found his dentures stuck in his throat.

The moral of the lesson? Always be sure to remove ones dentures before having sex, after all it’s not the only thing one can end up catching (literally) that can end up killing you….

Such are the banalities of life. Lets be glad our hero at least got one more orgasm in there (unless of course he didn’t….)

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