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Woman had no idea she had 2 vaginas until she turned 18.


It finally made sense why Hazel Jones always suffered from terrible migraines and heavy periods during puberty. She had two vaginas.

A 27 year old woman has stepped forward to disclose that she has 2 vaginas, a condition she was unaware of until she turned 18. According to the diagnosis Hazel Jones discovered she had two separate uteruses and cervixes as well, a one in a million condition known as uterus didelphys.

Reiterates Hazel:

‘Once I found out what it was I told everybody,’ she told TV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

‘I thought it was amazing and it’s definitely an ice-breaker at parties’ 

Adding: ‘If women want to have a look, I’m quite happy to show them, it’s not something I’m embarrassed by.’

The existence of the condition only became apparent to her after a boyfriend commented that there was something ‘different’ about her genital area.

‘When I was younger I thought I was having cystitis and urine infections from a young age when I was tearing the middle septum.’

She added that she once asked a school friend which ‘hole’ she should use for a tampon, but became too embarrassed to continue the conversation after her friend thought she meant she put it up her bottom. 

What makes Hazel Jones’ situation even more intriguing was that doctors nor her parents had noticed the abnormality, which makes one wonder did it only begin to manifest itself in a more fuller guise upon puberty and by this stage did it become normal for Hazel Jones to accept what she was now experiencing as something every woman experienced with the onset of puberty?

‘So if I get pregnant I have to be very aware not to get pregnant on the other side.’

Dr Harper added that Hazel was more likely to have a breached birth as her uteruses were smaller and she was more likely to need a caesarean section. She must also have double smear tests when checking for cervical cancer.

But Hazel is unphased by the prospect.

‘I have a great sex life,’ she said.

A great sex life? Kids, was there any doubt Hazel Jones didn’t have a great sex life?

Don’t you wish you had the type of ice breaker Hazel Jones has at parties, unless then again you have two penises…?




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