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Who is this hawt bixch? Travis Williams would like to explain to you how he ended up getting arrested for disorderly conduct with a ‘mystery’ white powder all over his head.

Travis Williams is this mornings preferred hawt bixch.
Travis Williams is this mornings preferred hawt bixch.

Oh dear, boys will be boys and in Travis’ case he is no exception. But unlike other misbehaving boys Travis Williams it seems has a special ability to capture our collective attention. Yes that mug shot is mesmerizing isn’t it?

That said, you’re probably wondering how Travis managed to make it to this week’s most impressive mug shot picture category and even more what exactly he’s covered in? Answers which will soon become apparent once we revisit the affairs of one nondescript Wednesday lunchtime..

miaminewtimes.com: Williams was apparently at the Bayside Marketplace around noon, screaming at and trying to hit patrons, when cops rolled up. He allegedly got into a fighting stance and said: “Fuck you, motherfucker!”

Motherfxxxkxx indeed. But what really should catch your eye ladies and gentlemen is what follows next. The arresting police officer’s description of our collective hero Travis.

The police officer who filled out the report clearly is the unflappable type. Let’s see, African-American ethnicity, 5-foot-9, 164 pounds, brown eyes, bald… and here’s the best part: Under “scars, tattoos, and unique physical features”, the officer wrote “None visible.”

None visible? I know, but he’s covered in something all white. But really why should the arresting officer make any discerning notice of what is obviously just a playful special pet peeve of Travis’? After all surely you like to dip your head in strange powders, materials or what not? And then again why would the arresting officer want to give Travis the satisfaction of noticing what he’s probably so desperate for all of us to notice?

But just in case and I’m only guessing here just like you folks what Travis’ head is covered in it might be helpful to point out that Travis has a 94 page dossier on past criminal activities (which is to say this time he really wanted a memorable mug shot) including possession and distribution of ahem cocaine and other delightful pursuits including trespass, burglary, grand theft and battery. Has that helped you yet?

Don’t you wish you could someday look this hawt when you get arrested for one of your soon to be public indiscretions? After all it’s bound to be memorable and will probably make it in the press assuming your arresting officer doesn’t make too much of  a fuss…