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Versace for H&M: ‘Sorry this shit sold out already bixch.’


There’s an adage that goes something like this; build it and they will come for it which in this instance might be an apt description of the once again phenomenon of Versace for H&M selling out before the supplies even hit store racks…

fashionista: The US was shut out of today’s launch of the Versace for H&M cruise collection–it was only available online and H&M doesn’t have e-commerce here yet–but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in how it all played out (or that we can’t shop it on eBay). And as has become the norm with these fast-fashion collaborations, there was drama.

Drama? Kids that’s my middle name. Actually my middle name is ‘hawt bixch.’ But you get the drift. So how were all the cool kids deprived of getting their hands on the good shit this time?

First of all, H&M’s website apparently crashed, which also happened in the UK during the spring collection’s launch. H&M tweeted at about 6:30am EST: “We’re very sorry for the tech problems during today’s #VersaceforHM launch. We’re working on expanding capacity for more visitors.”

Damn nigga (am I going to get arrested for using that word?) that’s some pent up demand there. Which forces the question why are all the cool kids in such a rush to get their hands on the good shit whilst it sits dangling in the haute couture atelier unloved? Could it have something to do with access to status (or what people think status is and obviously there’s enough people out there who think Versace equates to status) and its reduced cost of entry? But doesn’t that have the paradoxical effect of cheapening Versace’s brand? Or have H&M and Versace come up with a secret formula of limiting the good shit to a chosen few so as to keep the brand’s tre riche factor humping hard?

And of course heres a guide of what it costs in the store and what it costs on Ebay if your lucky ass manages to buy it first and fleece other desperate status seekers. Or then it could all be wearing Versace is like sipping a pina colada with a hard on as the sun melts.

The most desirable products are priced the most egregiously, like the fruit-printed sun dress. It’s listed at $385 on eBay, but sold at retail for £59.99 (~USD$92). High-heeled strappy printed sandals ($239) and the bikinis (~$100) also appear to be popular. Some men’s items are listed for shockingly high prices, too. A black gym bag is listed at $429 and a black leather belt with lots of hardware is $185.

A black gym bag for $429? Maybe I don’t need that kind of status after all, but I’m sure some of you might…

At ten year’s old is Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia too young to be modeling sexy shots?

The rising tide of haute couture designers signing on with H&M. High end comes finally converging with the masses…

At first recant and then join in. Versace for H&M shows in NYC.