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School teacher accused of having sex with her one of her 17 year old students whilst the other was forced to watch whilst demand she stop molesting him.


And today’s lesson will be taking place in Jennifer Schultz’s bedroom….

A 25 year old English school teacher, Jennifer Schultz of Hebron High School, North Dakota is being accused of sexually forcing herself on two of her 17 year old students after she invited them along with 2 other similar aged boys over for drinks at her house.

After having served the boys a whole bottle of vodka, Ms Schultz is said to have then invited the two remaining students to ‘rest’ in her bedroom where upon she then decided to lay down between them and proceed to sexually force herself on one of them to have sex with her whilst the other boy watched.

At this point Ms Schultz then sought to sexually incite the other boy, touching him against his will, whilst he plead with her to stop.

Pursuant to the incident, the boys approached school authorities who then suspended her without pay before resigning and conveniently moving out of state before local authorities became involved.

Upon learning of authorities desire to extradit her back to North Dakota, Ms Schultz decided to turn herself in whereupon she was charged with felony sexual assault and corruption of minors.

At present Ms Schultz has been remarkly been released on her own recognizance after having posted a $5000 bond. One can only wonder if the gender roles had been reversed whether the offending school teacher would still be behind bars this very moment….


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  • Mb

    Two little fags. After the woman plied them with vodka, the least they could have done was plow her field (hehe) from behind (because she’s not that good looking). The woman had needs, an itch that had to be scratched, but you boys are not enlightened to understand a woman’s needs. She needed to be taken to the hammer really bad. You failed. F for lack of effort, you little homos.

  • JB

    Double standard judicial system.

  • Mike Steane

    Not much doubt that if this had been a male teacher with female students, the reaction would have been a lot harsher and the bail very much more than the paltry $5000.

  • p M