Home Scandal and Gossip Rihanna tweets pictures of herself almost bare naked whilst working out.

Rihanna tweets pictures of herself almost bare naked whilst working out.

All images from Rihanna's twitter page. 'I will always be the eternal hawt bixch!'

Rihanna is most definitely a preferred hawt bixch.

On break in Hawaii after a grueling schedule it seems one person who couldn’t help but once again command our attention and curiousity was Rihanna. That said with a camera in tow this hawt bixch went to work and set about why she’s the preferred bixch that you will be drilling your eyeballs out for….of course who was there for the ride was our favorite anti hero Kim Kardashian.

nypost: The photo was presumably taken yesterday on her last day in Hawaii, as she wore the same barely-there bathing suit to a paddle-surfing lesson earlier in the day.

The image led to some Twitter flirting with Khloe Kardashian. The reality TV star retweeted the photo along with the words, “Shake your tits for this woman! LOL.”

Rihanna responded, “Haha, come tap this @Khloekardashian!!!”

To which Kardashian replied, “Don’t tempt me doll! LOL.”

Kids forgive me whilst I run out to the bathroom for a spare roll of tissue paper. Sudden need has overwhelmed and even though it’s Kim Kardashian that’s involved in this mosh pit (and you know I have a hard time getting an erection to gals with fake tits and well fake everything as in Kimbo’s case) who am I as I turn to collectively spank the monkey with mankind to protest? Really it doesn’t come more hand delivered (pun intended) than this shit.

Work it to the bone gal...

Rihanna also took to Twitter yesterday to bask in the news that her song “We Found Love” is at the top of the charts for another week.

“10 weeks at #1??? Yall are SO good to me, Im giggling rt now!,” she said. “God is #MAJAH always! My fans run dis world!!! Thank u for the LOVE!”

Kids isn’t it time you also became a manufactured idol so you too can have a doting public waiting on your every word, gesture and half naked picture? Unless of course you already are one…

'Are those your eyeballs stuck up the back of my legs? Oh mercy...'
Just fooling with my girls
'Don't you wish you could be a media icon too?'


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