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Rihanna might be using you in her new TV fashion reality show. Bixch scores.


It was only a matter of time but it seems our collective hero Rihanna is fully on her way in becoming firmly ingrained in our collective consciousness (yes I know I used a difficult word twice in one sentence) as Rihanna is set to a contract for a fashion reality show.

The premise of the show? Brief pause. Chortle and re commence. Designers will compete for the honor of giving her highness free clothes.

As of yet the show doesn’t have a name yet (although I can think of a couple; 1/ Rihanna done a number on you, or how about this one: 2/ I can’t stop the bullshitting). The show is set to be broadcast on the UK network Sky Living.

styleite: The plan is to scour Great Britain for the best undiscovered fashion talent in the country, then whittle down the untested creme de la creme in a televised sewing battle, similar to Project Runway. But the final prize isn’t a truckload of cash to help start your own line. Whoever wins this competition will create the ensemble Rihanna wears on stage for her Wireless performance in London’s Hyde Park this July. And you know, that’s way more exciting.

Of course anything involving Riri is exciting. As long as she’s been caught sunbathing near naked, text dating her former boyfriend who turned her head black and blue, getting Dutch editor in chiefs fired for using words that offends Riri and now busting huge tattoos that let us all know she’s arrived.

Offers Riri:

“There are talented people, undiscovered because they don’t have the means, or their circumstances are too far away from the fashion world. This show is here to discover those people and give them a shot. I’m looking for someone who can think outside the box, and who isn’t going to give up at the first hurdle. Ultimately, someone who can’t go ‘undiscovered’ anymore.”

How ironic considering Riri could’ve been saying the same thing about herself less than 4 years ago. How time flies…