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Lynx Deodorant set to launch line for women. Advertising shows lusting females…


Known for their contentious ads which promise to have women flock over us chaps by the sheer promise of spraying their deodorant, Lynx have come up with a new ad set to tantalize once again. This time it will be us men who will be fornicating over the female form. And how…

marketingweek.co.uk: The launch of ‘Lynx Attract – For Him and For Her’ is being supported by a £7.2m marketing campaign using the strapline: “Nothing will ever be the same again” across TV, digital, cinema, outdoor and PR.

A teaser video featuring a female cop and a male robber running towards each other instead of in chase, that claims to show the impact of giving the Lynx Effect to both sexes, launches online today (23 January).

Running towards each other as opposed from each other? Is that a wet dream fantasy we should be aspiring too? Well if an ad agency can seduce us in believing that love and adulation can be had by simply donning one of their products so be it. Then again one also is compelled to infer that the tongue and cheek aspect of the deodorant maker is suppose to impart a kind of irresistible sensibility that we will happily subscribe to even intuitively if one wonders otherwise.

Kieran Danaher, Lynx brand manager, says: “This is a historic moment for Lynx as a brand. As a brand we’re aiming to push boundaries with creative marketing campaigns this year, and the launch of Lynx Attract is set to do just that and more.”

Isn’t it time you were seduced by a clever advertising campaign designed to reassert the notion that women can do the chasing too?  Finally….

Are these ads degrading to women?

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    Where do you get this lynx for her?