Gruesome weekend on NYC subways with 4 deaths including decapitated head on platform.

Life on NYC’s subway system will always be tenuous.

Authorities have reported that in over the space of 24 hours 4 individuals met with untimely deaths pursuant to being hit by NYC subway trains. The most gruesome death involving the discovery of a severed male head between the car and platform on the L line on 6th ave circa 10 pm. How he came to die has yet to be explained.

The other 3 fatalities include 3 other males. One of whom was discovered wandering along a tunnel near Nostrand ave whereby he was struck by the A train. Why he was there has yet to be explained. The same can be said for a 22 year old male, Brian O’Mara who was wondering the tunnels on the L train just on 3rd avenue. A fourth victim involved a man in his 60’s who was found unconscious Sunday morning at 2 am bleeding from his mouth on the platform. He died whilst being taken to hospital. It is believed the gentleman may have hit his head as he tripped over steps leading onto the platform on the R line’s Elmhurst platform.

Such it seems are the shocking and untimely deaths of individuals who one can safely assume 15 minutes prior to their death could never have conceived of their own horrendous deaths.

Such is the banality of life and the cautiousness one is required to exercise despite illusions of normalcy and safety.


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