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Beavis and Butthead will always be eternal hawt bixches.


Haha hee hee did you see those two bixches, they look like haha hee hee just like us….’

Deciding that you couldn’t get enough of your 1990’s super heroes (don’t lie to me) special effects make up artist Kevin Kirkpatrick decided he’d go to bat and re create our alma maters of bad behavior Beavis and Butthead as live prosthetic models. The results were hauntingly chilling and of course too funny….

Don’t you wish you could always be eternally distasteful? Unless of course you always are…

Returning to MTV for a new series soon, cause you couldn’t help yourselves.

'Beavis, how come I get to be the better looking out of us both?'
'Haha Butthead I think I'm going to pop some acne on my forehead for homework tonight.'
'Hahaha hee hee Beavis can I come over and watch?'
'Haha heehee no way Butthead! My mother says you're a hahah hee hee bad influence on me.'
'Haha hee hee haha no way! My mother says the same thing about you!'
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  • Reilly93

    Am I the only one who noticed they mixed up the names?…

  • GouinGaL

    Looks Kinda Like Simon and GarFunkel from a distance.

  • GouinGaL

    Should of added PIX of Brianne, and The Article should had been Beavis, Butthead, and Brianne! … Doink!