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36 year old organic sperm donor Trent Arsenault and father to 14 children admits he is a virgin.


A new and improved way to have children without tainting one’s virginity. Welcome to the amazing life of Trent Arsenault.

He has never had sex (never mind there are lots of sex tapes of him floating on the web) and yet Trent Arsenault can boast being the father to 14 children.

Having risen to acclaim courtesy of the FDA picking a bone with Mr Arsenault’s self promoted ‘organic sperm bank,’ Mr Arsenault has become an unlikely figure in what constitutes ethical child origination.

Appearing on Anderson Cooper’s day time show, ‘Anderson,’ (yes the title is kitschy) had this to say:

‘I coined this term donor sexual and I’ll explain it means 100% of my sexual energy is for producing sperm for childless couples to have babies. So I don’t have other activity outside of that.’

Responds a besotten Anderson Cooper (by now he thinks he has heard it all, but frankly he hasn’t…) : ‘So you do not have sex?’

Mr Arsenault : ‘I will probably be the 40-year-old virgin,’ the donor explained. ‘Except I’ll have 15 plus kids’

But it gets better. It always gets better…

A two year old Analise, one of his sperm donated daughters comes on stage eliciting an emotional reaction from Mr Arsenault:

‘I’m trying to not get too emotional, I’m just extremely happy that she’s healthy and in a loving home. I hope she has the gene of compassion and that her parents nurture that.’

Mr Arsenault who does not charge a fee for his sperm argues that he is there to offer a ‘helping need to parents and that he is not running a business.’

The FDA for their part have issued legal sanctions on Mr Arsenault continuing his ‘services’ on the ground that he is unlawfully manufacturing genes and possibly spreading diseases are adamant that he cease his activities.

Which raises the question; Will Mr Arsenault have to resort to the time honored technique of having a conjugal relationship with a woman if he is to yield more children?

Not likely if he can help it he retorts to a cheering audience.

Don’t you wish you could be as adroit as Mr Arsenault, unless of course you are….


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