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Naked woman climbs inside gutted horse because she wanted to be at one with the horse.

Images source: CBS/koinlocal6.com

If you can stomach the real live untouched images I caution you the reader to turn to the next page. You have been warned.

Girl who climbed inside dead horse wanted to be Luke Skywalker (graphic images).

What constitutes good form? How about curiosity? These are some the questions being asked in light of recent photos depicting a naked 21 year old girl who decided on the spur of the moment to completely disrobe and climb inside a recently slaughtered horse and have her boyfriend take pictures while the horse’s innards layed disgorged on the ground.

The pictures (purposefully blurred for public consumption) depict the as of yet un named petite woman soaked from head to toe in the horses blood as she blissfully poses from within the horse’s carcass.

Asked what prompted her the girl responded she wanted to be at one with the horse. In one picture she is seen holding the horse’s heart as if she were about to take a bite out of it. Upon further questioning the young woman held there was nothing religious in her intent and that she had never meant to offend anyone, and that she had been spurred by the moment.

In case you think the woman’s actions are illegal, nothing in the law books states that climbing inside a dead horse is actually illegal. Although one would be hard pressed to find a case where this is happened before, unless of course you are an avid reader of mythical books or have a very vivid imagination. Of course this author would be curious to gauge animal rights activists reaction’s to the stunt. It might interest readers to know since the photos came out the young girl has received death threats across the country.

The horse itself was 32 years old and had been put down due to medical reasons and was later used for human consumption.

Reflected the girl’s mother – ‘it was the sweetest horse I ever tasted.’ Asked to comment on her daughter’s actions, she countered a simple ‘oh my gosh.’

Such it seems are the unique actions of young girls caught up in the moment. After all why fly on a magic horse when you can sit all the way inside it?



  1. you’re a stupid bitch, just thought you should know, maybe it will help explain a few things………..dumb bitch, i hope your pets die.

  2. hey bitch whats life like in oregon.. thats fucked up. i hope when you die you are reincarnated as a horse. and when you die as a horse, i hope a stupid girl crawls inside of you and takes pictures. ps. ur fat.

  3. Honestly I’m just wondering how they felt comfortable doing this to an animal that was once a pet. Would they shove their foot in a dead chihuahua and wear him as a slipper too?

  4. I don’t understand the uproar. The horse was put down, then the woman decided, “Hey lets take some pics” Yes it may be gross to some, but it’s not some religious worship. Just art. Heck, we all want our five minutes of fame and look, I guess she got hers.  The sad thing is, that people are sending death threats to her and her boyfriend. Hell people didn’t think anything of it when Bear Grills did it on his survivor show.  Anyways, I think people should shut up about this being some stupid devil worship. Or some Pagan ritual. If you don’t know the facts about it or the meaning behind it, then you should “throw stones ” at it. 

  5. interesting…. putting meat on the outside is gross, but eating meat is normal. sadly, people really should keep their pictures to themselves, unless ya really want to be famous for getting into a freshly killed horse body….

  6. no really, Christians are more into a history of blood sacrifice than pagans ever were or are….  ya, better to not say anything, than to say something stupid about another religion you know nothing about.

  7. I’m sure, in the 32 years of the horse’s life, it was given many things, painkillers, wormers, antibiotics, etc., that are labeled “not for animals intended for human consumption”. Hope they enjoy all the side effects. Oh, wait, if they’ve been doing this for years, looks like they’re already seeing those side effects…

  8. Apologies if I offended you. I’m not very knowledgable on the subject – my entire knowledge of this kind of stuff comes from movies >.< I probably should not have said pagan, it was just the first thing to come to mind when I think of stuff like blood sacrifice etc. again probably wrong, but it is what I've seen in movies etc.

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