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Couple arrested after tripping naked on the street high on LSD with their dog run over also high on LSD.


It’s time to hide your LSD stash. Why? Let’s take out the family dog and run this way…

It was reported that a couple this recent past weekend were arrested for running around the street naked high on LSD. Who was also high with them it is believed was their dog who had the misfortune of tripping so hard that it was run over by an oncoming car that it must have mistaken for a leg of lamb, or whatever else it is that LSD makes you believe you are looking at or turning into.

Although not immediately killed the dog, Oscar had to be later put down given the extent of its injuries.

Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes

The couple, Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes were later found still naked in their house whereby arresting officers came across a bong, marijuana, gummi worms, but no LSD (probably because they had taken the  damn whole lot). Arrested Sunday evening and released Tuesday the couple stand to be arrested for animal cruelty should an autopsy reveal traces of LSD in the dog’s system.

Which raises the following question, if one is inclined to put all sort of foreign manner in their body to affect a high so be it, but what are we to think when people force their animals to consume drugs (that are not meant for animal consumption let alone most normal human consumption) alongside them? Is that suppose to make the high all that more visceral or is it just a situation of ill judgement and a perverse curiosity to see your normally lazy dog fxcked off their brain?


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