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Being a ‘homo’ in Texas is now an ill advised idea…


If I express my sexuality in a way that differs from yours should that merit a vicious beating? Welcome to life in the backwaters of certain individual’s minds.

Burke Burnett this past Sunday night found himself in a spot of bother after he turned up at a party in Reno, Texas. Why you wonder? Because a group of men weren’t particularly thrilled that Burke had turned up to the party. And why weren’t they thrilled that Burke was at the party? Because Burke prefers the sexual company of men and in some men’s minds this is an area that calls for brutal retaliation for being forced to evaluate one’s own sexuality and have to come to terms with the fact that there are many ways of living and expressing oneself that doesn’t necessarily as much as you would prefer it, conform to one’s own sense of proprietary.

Circa 1 am Burke was pounced by 4 men where upon he was punched in the eye, stabbed with a broken beer bottle and thrown onto a lit burn barrel. Good work if you can get it, and in certain parts work like this can always be had even if you aren’t in the job hunting department…

And if you are interested in finding about the overtime benefits of being gay in this part of town, Burt will tell you for his efforts for purely existing at the wrong place at the wrong time he incurred 30 stitches just to close stab wounds to his back and forearm , a cut above the eye (which you know required stitches too), various second and third degree burns and the indignity of being called a ‘pussy-ass faggot,’ ‘gay bitch,’ and ‘cock-sucking punk.’ In other words just another pleasant evening among hate fearing heterosexuals looking to let off some steam and teach them ‘fxcking homos’ which way is up- because as you can imagine there’s nothing more invigorating than hurting someone who offends your sensibilities. If only all them bitches went to hell. Right?

But if you think Burt just came out of no where to the party, Burt was personally invited by one of the hosts, a straight man, but frankly at this stage of our existence does it really matter if I am gay, straight, asexual, bisexual or what? Shouldn’t my actions and my thoughts matter more than what you or anyone thinks about someone’s identity? Which raises another question, why are we so hung up about people’s identity, be it religious preferences, sexual preferences or even racial being? Why should these things ever matter?

But if you think the police have any sympathy for Burt I’m afraid you are sorely mistaken. Why? Because they have gone and downgraded the assault to a misdemeanor. 30 stiches, second and third degree burns and the nice police officers are downgrading this ‘hate crime’ (because that’s what in the end this crime really is) to a misdemeanor. And we wonder why people feel the way they do to people who are different from them.

In fact offers one of Burt’s friend, Austin Holloman:

“We don’t want people thinking this is OK in this area. We plan on being here forever.”

Which is a good thing and maybe a bad thing, because eventually all them gays are going to be wiped out or maybe just maybe all them hate mongering criminals will eventually find themselves locked up and forced to re consider not just other people’s identity but their very own.


Damian Furtch is beaten because he’s gay. What’s up with that?