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10 year old girl gives birth but questions remain if she was raped.

Simulated images.
Simulated images.

A 10-year-old girl has given birth to a 3.3 pound baby boy in the city of Puebla,Mexico. Apparently the girl experienced complications 31 weeks into her pregnancy (should we be surprised?) before rushed to hospital where she gave birth via caesarean section.

Cordoned of in the intensive care (the child has since caught pneumonia) it is said the child’s 10 year old mother visits her child every day and breast feeds him.

Yet fears exist that the child could have been raped, which has led to the hospital’s director Rogelio Gonzalez telling the state’s Attorney General office that the hospital is investigating who the father may actually be.

What makes this case contentious is that Mexican law prevents young mothers from obtaining abortion except if they can prove instances of being sexually abused. Having an abortion otherwise may lead to the mother being prosecuted and receiving a jail sentence. This juxtaposed to the fact that the legal age of consent in Mexico is 12 years old.

Which begs the following questions can the state reasonably expect to protect the welfare of children when it allows the legal age of consent to be 12 and yet insist that they not be allowed to have abortions? Once again we have to ask if the country’s allegiance to Catholicism is best serving the real needs of children and young women who are now being forced to role play the church’s wish for religious adherence. Such are the contradictions of ten year old girls suddenly becoming mothers with little recourse to their sanctity.

Some research found this revealing comment on gawker:

“17 out of the 31 states in Mexico have restrictions on abortion. Likewise, Mexico City has had first civil unions and then gay marriage legalized now for years, while other states still prohibit that. So the fact that you guys stereotype one restrictive conservative state in Mexico as all of Mexico, would be like stereotype all Americans as a bunch of pro-life, bigot, fag hating, racist cunts from Alabama.”

Fag hating or not, when you have the church dictating or heavily influencing policy the state ought to carefully consider what it stands to lose by following mandates that expose children to harm’s way.

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