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The moment of Muammar Gaddafi’s capture and what are we to make of it? (graphic video).


As one watches the below video one can’t help but feel the maddening hysteria that these rebels, these fighters are feeling as it suddenly dawns on them that the man in the ditch is the oppressor that has in so many ways served to undermine their existence. But what may also be true is it hasn’t always just been this man that has served to undermine these people but in fact the whole geopolitics of the region that has ironically ensured no matter who comes in power a collective are usually subjugated to a greater body rule, as is often the case in Pan Arabic states where vast inequities exist between the rulers, those entities that ensure the rulers stay in power to do their bidding and those who are ruled.

At least in fairness to Muammar Gaddafi who in his later years seemed to live a precocious fantastical existence that little resembled the reality of most individual’s torment and inability to find security and routes of empowerment he did facilitate with his petro dollars a fluid education system, greater equity for most women than most Arab states, social welfare services and the highest GDP per capita in the region. But perhaps that means little to an individual who finds himself languishing in a corrupt system that preempted advancement and one in which Mr Gaddafi presided over.

As you watch the video you can hear the tethered rattling of machine guns, as if you were listening to church bells summonsing devout followers for this Sunday’s services. Except the service Mr Gaddafi is being summonsed to is his own imminent death, something he has to be sure is high up on the menu but something he will plead for anyway to be spared once he arises out of his hiding ditch.

Finally dragged out, bleeding violently from the head, from that moment on Mr Gaddafi’s life is no longer his own but that of the rebels who have vengeance in store, payback and recriminations to settle and symbolic gestures to reassert to those who in days to come will hear and see how they finally put a stop to this autocratic zealot who had dared turn their nation into a one way street free for all.

And just like that he is taken away, led away from the ditch but where? What is to be done to him? Clearly still alive and in a position to stand trial but in the end there will be no trial for Mr Gaddafi. And that already should alarm every rebel and dissident of Mr Gaddafi’s, cause on some perverse level the victors are playing at the same heavy hand that caused them to ultimately seek Mr Gaddafi’s head. Right or wrong,the disturbing question remains, why wasn’t this man, hideous or not, not offered a trial?

As he is led off to what even Mr Gaddafi is aware is his certain death and his overtures to have his life spared and even at one stage asking one man in Arabic; ‘What did I ever do to you?’ (the irony of that statement is so deep that it can almost bring one to tears or hysterical laughter) we begin to hear the regular chants from men: ‘Aluhu ahba!.” – “God is great.”

In a society whose existence is predicated on its vast supplies of petroleum, and the tenuous existence of relations with other states that desperately wants access to those resources the idea of god being somehow tied or even barely correlated to the idea at hand bears a strange silhouette. God may be used to predicate a certain phenomenology of being, a certain code of understanding, of manipulation of underlying dialectics and even a template of relief and sustenance in the face of constant machine gun fire, imperialistic policies and the complicit nature of western states who desperately want you to believe that they are there to help you bring justice and democracy, when all they really want to do is manipulate the fabric of society and the direction that the oil wells point. Something that Mr Gaddafi understood to well and was never inclined to play stool pigeon to.

In the end the Western states, like the grand mafia daddy gave their blessing and as Mr Gaddafi was being led away he must have sensed in this brutal game of thuggery that he was just a keen player of that there would be little respite for himself. Who there will also be very little respite for if history is to be a judge are the rebels who risked their life to bring a closure to this leadership, only to begin the onset of what already appears to be an equally violent and repugnant leadership to follow. The US and its allies on the other hand have once again played the script to perfection. Such are the affairs of dirty wars and dirty politics and the dirty substance called petroleum that is synonymous with power, access and the continuation rotation of morals, virtues and ideas that are furthest away from the purported ideals of God and what a subjugated society should aspire to.

Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi, dragged from a drain, begging for his life, and then executed in front of a braying mob.

Muamar Gaddafi’s body put on public display in shopping center meat locker freezer.



  1. “… he did facilitate with his petro dollars a fluid education system, greater equity for most women than most Arab states, social welfare services and the highest GDP per capita in the region…”

    Isn’t this what we are whining about all the other Arab countries NOT doing? Yes, he sucked the big one, but as dictators in the Middle East go, he was better than some.

    Now we have the prospect of getting a lot worse and a lot less controllable. You know that saying about getting what you wish for? Well, when you lose a pissant dictator that you could easily contain, you might well gain a forceful dictator who will go out of his way to show he cannot be controlled. Scary thought…

  2. Simple. Gaddafi has been presented to the rest of the world as nut case by white media (EU & USA). Now the oil wealth an be divided among EU powers. ( Iraq for USA, Libya for EU). Libyans will definetlt regret the moment at a later date. I feel sorry for their naivenes.End of the day it is all about (oil) money, honey.
    Good luck.

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