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Now there’s a naked Michael Jackson death photo to go too…


Seeing your hero dead and naked is sure to give anyone the jeebies.

In the continuing drama called ‘did Dr Conrad Murray accidentally kill our collective super hero Michael?’ the court today was shown stark naked images of Mr Jackson at the time of his decease. Why you wonder? Because seeing your hero naked is supposed to help you reflect on all the pain and suffering that Dr Murray inflicted on Michael.

Whilst last week the court got to see Michael dead, today the court upped the ante by showing poor Michael who is probably shuddering in hysteria, naked. Naked save for the little black box that is concealing his genitals. Because at least little black boxes have the wonderful effect of keeping everything in perspective and in its correct place.

Marked item government exhibit 206 one has to wonder how the photo has irrevocably frayed the way we get to remember our collective hero. But then again Michael was a drug addict too and you don’t see anyone discussing that too often either. Wonder what government exhibit 207 is going to end being?