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Nomi Network’s “Stories of Hope” Cocktail Event


Event Speaker Michelle Park of NY1

Nomi Newtork hosted a “Stories of Hope” charity event this past Wednesday night, at the Scandinavia House, on Park Avenue. Committed to mobilizing trafficking survivors to designing products stamped with the “Buy her Bag, Not her Body” logo—Nomi has doubled its operational capacity, since its birth, and has come miles closer to meeting its goal of providing 100,000 jobs by 2025.

Amid Scandinavian meatballs and cocktails, Justin JoJo Smith of Goldman Sachs and Diana Mao, co-Founder of Nomi Network outlined relevant statistics, encouraged attendees to donate and read off anecdotes put forth by various East Asian trafficking victims. Among those reading off “Stories of Hope” were playwright Marsha Norman, producer Rachel Stange, Anchor and Reporter Michelle Park, and Nomi Host Committee Chair Susan Cheung.

Nomi Network Co-Founder Alissa Moore, Dawn Conway of LexisNexis, Event Co-Chair Susan Lee Cheung

Awardees included Minnia Elias, Chief of Staff and Counsel—Carolyn Maloney, Congresswoman—LexisNexis Group V.P. Dawn Conway, who received the Nomi Network’s Corporate Social Responsibility Award. Plenty of attendees purchased the lovely products, which demarcate Nomi’s rising success.

In 2009, Nomi created training sessions that that launched the products, which are now featured in over 60 retail stores. Having recently acquired a $200,000 federal grant—which will be used to help women in India—Nomi will need $150,000 to increase their efficiency at preventing the risks of female re-trafficking.

With final reference to Hilary Clinton, who has stated: “We can and we will eradicate modern day slavery,” the lovely Bethany and the Guitar performed.