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Junkie accuses cops of feeding her with crack in return for sex acts.

Image source: dc-cdn.virtacore.com
Image source: dc-cdn.virtacore.com

Being a crack whore is starting to get perilous day by day…but so is being a narcotics cop too.

Self confessed crack addict Melanie Perez has testified in trial that narcotics police, who are already wearing a bad rap in the same trial for planting drugs on arrestees to beef up arrest numbers that she was given crack cocaine in exchange for sex.

Which brings pause to wonder, how far should a police officer go in exacting evidence in an ongoing case? Or was this an incidence of some rogue cops taking liberties and satiating their own desires for the diabolical? After all it’s one thing to assume an alias, but another thing to be sitting in some crack house with an unsuspecting woman and exacting coercive tricks .

Perez also testified that the sexually demanding officer, whom she knew only as Frank, had later introduced her to a colleague, Sean Johnston, who also gave her narcotics on several occasions.

“He gave me a nice piece for Christmas,” she said. “It was crack and it was kickin’.”

Kickin? Hmm what else was kicking or to be precise,who else was gagging?

The Brooklyn woman, who called her memory “fuzzy,” said her testimony related to events in 2006 or 2007. She never dealt with Arbeeny, she said.

Her testimony was meant to show the accused cop, charged for flaking two people in a Coney Island bust, was part of a larger conspiracy.

“Nobody saw me do anything,” a bitter Arbeeny said outside the courtroom. “But my life is ruined.”

Who are we to believe? The vilified crack cocaine addict or the equally it seems capricious narcotics cops who have taken the fight on the drug to a whole new level? Or have they?

Such are the sleazy affairs of people who one can no longer tell the difference between good or bad. But what does that necessarily mean when you are a police officer charged to behave in good faith?


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