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71 year old woman nabbed for having sex with a younger man in the back of a car.


All Rita Daniels wanted, at the age of 71 to do was to get one more quickie in there…

It all happened when Rita, feeling frisky and fresh (and probably tipsy as hell) decided after meeting a charming barfly by the name of Tim Adams, a 54 year old man that she had met that evening at a bar was to take things a bit further in the back of a Buick.

Miffed by what he thought was untoward behavior in the Buick, a passing police officer taped on the window (which by this stage was covered in heavy condensation) demanding to know what was going on, only to have the back door car window roll down with a slightly involved (you think?) Adams retorting:

“I’m fucking this chick.”

Upon taking a closer look (damn those hot and heavy fogged windows!) the officer deemed Adams was correct when he came across the visage of two heavily sweating butt naked individuals.

The frisky couple for their effort were brought down and booked for indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication and asked to check into respective prison cells while they sobered up. How thoughtful of the police…

No word at this stage whether the couple who met earlier that evening have gone on and started seeing each other.

Such are the affairs of two slightly intoxicated individuals who wont let age come in the way of getting it down. Indeed.


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