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Walmart employees rob store to fund sex change


This would be one helluva an excuse if it ends up being a lark.

On Wednesday afternoon, two kids, Spencer Cullen, 23, and Adriano Altiveros, 19, went into their place of work, Prescott, AZ’s local Walmart.  Police told Reuters that Altiveros distracted the cashiers while Cullen used his key to the front office, took $45,000 in cash, then walked right out.

Lt. spokesman Andy Reinhardt adds that Cullen told police they stole the money so he could carry out a sex change operation.

Thing is, Cullen gave half the money, $22,000, to Altiveros so she could go by a Toyota from Phoenix.  Plus Reinhardt conceded that Cullen had not made solid arrangements quite yet, though “she had already started the process”.

Now, If the priority is the operation, why let your partner in crime use up half of the booty? Genital surgery costs around $25,000, plus all the years of counseling and assessment, speech therapy, hair removal, etc..  What does “already started the process” mean?  I believe a professional counselor would try talking you out of stealing the necessary funds from your workplace—not the most stable sign of mental health.

Then again, Cullen and his comrade seem adept at taking short cuts.  Are the days of black-market sex changes over?  How, then, do all those trannies we know and love on city streets afford such a lengthy and expensive process?

I hope Cullen is serious about this whole ordeal, because she would be my hero, snatching up the proceeds from a soulless business such as Walmart, subverting the status quo.   However, if she’s lying, people should call for blood.

Since it’s prettier to think the former, I think I’ll just resolve to make her my hero for the day.