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Scottish teen stabs girlfriend 30 times because she was ‘moaning at him’ to make garlic bread


Maniacs and their outlandish excuses for motives: didn’t anyone tell you, if you have nothing clever to say, don’t say anything at all?

A mother of two was brutally stabbed to death May 25th, her children asleep upstairs, because her boyfriend could not deal with her apparent nagging.

22-year-old Alami Gotip lived in Livingston, West Lothian, UK and evidently had plans to leave her scumbag boyfriend, James Ellis, 18. Ellis had a hard time reconciling the idea of Gotip with anyone else, so that’s why he murdered her—that and the garlic bread.

Sky News reports Ellis was spotted immediately after the murder in the front yard of the house, bloodstained with two knives in his hands.  He plead guilty to murder when police arrested him.

What would we do without our collective psychos like Ellis in the news?  Who would our collective disgust at the world failing to behave itself fall upon? I’m hard pressed to think of any response besides disgust to stabbing a mother thirty times while her children are home all because the suspect couldn’t take being nagged at for his failure to cook garlic bread for the family dinner. Maybe a long walk around the block would have helped…maybe even a new girlfriend.

If it’s human nature to condemn someone, some cipher we must feel is utterly beneath us, perhaps remorseless sickos have a function in society: they provide us all with easy target to demonize, and maybe just maybe, we’ll be a little more compassionate to people we’d otherwise find fault in.  At least if I ask him to make bread for dinner, he won’t stab me to death while the kids are upstairs…

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