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K-Y Brand wants you to know it’s all right to be a lesbian and use its products.


In an obvious shift of the times, KY, synonymous for easy gliding ahem sex is set to unveil it’s newest advertising campaign Sept 5, but with a twist. Instead of the patriarchal display of men and women pontificating on the subtlety and dexterity of their product, they have chosen instead to use the visage of a healthy lesbian relationship-that of Alex and Emma.

Watching the commercial with a rueful grin on my face I couldn’t help but wonder how much the times have progressed. Besides lots of hugs and kisses and communication, it seems the success to Alex and Emma’s love affair has something to do with their devout allegiance to that facilitator of great sex: KY Brand.

Really who would have known?

But in a desire to capture the female market the brand goes out of its way to emphasize how the big moment (and we all know what the big moment is right?) will be even bigger courtesy of KY.

Perhaps a sign of the times that society is progressively accepting unorthodox relationships, but perhaps more of a positive sign of our times because manufacturers are looking to figure in lifestyles that it would have once declined to validate. Then again branching off to new markets could have possibly swayed KY to take the route to consumer emancipation.

Let’s hope your next orgasm is as wonderful as KY suggests it will be ladies…


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