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George Clooney would like to finally introduce to you his new hawt bixch.

'Pst- George, how long should I keep smiling for? It's starting to hurt....'

These two hawt bixches are now officially in love...(for the cameras).

Look who George is dangling in front of the press corps?

For a man who’s gone on record for stating that he has no intentions of ever committing marrying he’s done a good of finding scrounge change every time he’s gotten in the mood for new tender pillow talk company.

Welcome then to, former wrestler (yes this hawt bixch likes to mix them up, waitresses, actresses, models, is there an Avis rent a’ girl in there too?) Stacy Kiebler who our highness George has finally deemed worthy enough to troll with in public.

dailymail.co.uk: The couple were seen together for the first time last night as they left a Toronto Film Festival party.

…smiling Stacy, 31, showed off her 42 inch legs in a short sleeveless dress and black heels, as she walked side by side with the suited actor.

Although the couple did not hold hands, they looked very much together as they attended two parties in the Canadian city.

Didn’t hold hands because George wants to wait until she his new hawt bixch has been properly toilet trained? Didn’t hold hands because the sweatbeads would lead to pubic bone tingly feelings, or is it just a case that our George is a well brought up boy who prefers to behave demurely?

‘One of the reoccurring themes of the night was that Stacy had her own conversations going on and that she wasn’t following Clooney around like a puppy dog,’ a source told the magazine.

‘They were comfortable and affectionate and seemed socially poised as a couple.’

Another witness added: ‘[Stacy] really stood on her own. George was not overprotective and didn’t have to look after her.’

Kids, I’ve just had to look under the bedsheets for my jackhammer so I can re adjust my eyeball sockets. This is one well trained hawt bixch. If only you knew how hard I’ve tried to train the chipmunks Fyodor and Mazeltov to never look me in the eye.

Apparently, at the party, Stacy was spotted ‘rubbing George’s back.’

According to another eyewitness: ‘She was confident in her own space. I’ve never seen him more comfortable.’

Frankly with a camera brigade up my back ass I’d be sure to get the chipmunks to not only offer me a back rub but one of them deep longing looks just to the right of my left ear, that way the world can put two and two together and understand that there is an implicit devotion to the shots I call.

When asked by People what she liked about the actor, she replied ‘Everything!’

An onlooker told the website that the couple displayed some good chemistry.

‘She can hold her own with the boys. They both can equally be the life of the party.’

Good chemistry? As opposed to punching, hitting and slandering each other on the first date? That’s only a gift Mel Gibson could master. At least there’s a reason why George is known as a lady killer and why I refuse to wipe the morning drool off my poster of George hanging over my bed stand. But that’s just me…

One day, when George finally gets round to writing his auto biographical – “How I learn to seduce cheerleaders, chipmunks, Italian supermodels and body builders,” I swear I will be the first one waiting by the bookstore with the dimmest hope that maybe this hawt bixch and I cross eyes….

Don’t you wish you were a matinee idol with an endless supply of willing dilettantes too?

'NO!- Don't you dare try hold my hand in public....'
'That's right- 7 yards behind me....'
'Pst- George, how long should I keep smiling for? It's starting to hurt....'