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Bespoken’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, fresh and chic.


I want my boyfriend to be wearing everything from Bespoken’s S/S 2012 collection. ZZ Top said it best- every girl (or boy)’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man. Luckily gawking was encouraged at this event, as I wouldn’t have been able to prevent it. The slim blazers, the just-fitted-enough-shorts, the two-toned lace-up shoes… I was ready to do something inappropriate.

Those in attendance enjoyed complimentary Sunday morning bloody marys while cameras flashed. The models were allowed to speak to each other, to be natural, which absolutely added to their allure (look at that smile!). They weren’t required to stand absolutely still. In their slight shifting, arms, shoulders, we could see how the clothing moved with them. It was unconstricting and anything but stuffy like most high-end menswear (hear that, sweetheart?) The fabrics were light and easy to wear, each model appeared completely comfortable and confident in the apparel. My only critique would be the arm bands. Although I did find them to be an interesting creative addition to the presentation, I can’t imagine their actual use. Not only are they functionless on their own accord, but they take some function away from the garment they are constricting below, as clothing needs to move with you in order to be comfortable- especially blazers with layers underneath.

The designers were a fantastic sight. I absolutely love it when designers create clothing that they themselves would wear, pieces that match their own personal style to a T. Their outfits and the spirit they brought to the collection were genuinely inspiring. Simultaneously debonair and casual, Bespoken definitely knows how to turn a man into the man.