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Woman suffering from Parkinson’s begins to crave sex, shopping and social networking after her doctor puts her on medication.


If only we all had Parkinson’s disease…

It’s true that taking drugs, prescribed or otherwise will often leave one with adverse side effects, but one woman, Vicki Dillon is now claiming that a molotov of drugs assigned to her to combat Parkinson’s disease has led to her now craving sex, shopping and social networking. Which on the surface doesn’t sound too far off what most people ordinarily crave anyway, except in Mrs Dilllon’s case there is a caveat…

dailymail.co.uk: Vicki, from Hexham, Northumberland, said: ‘The drugs heighten the pleasure-seeking parts of your brain.

‘I always did enjoy shopping, but now I want to go out every weekend and buy new clothes all of the time. But most of the money I spend is on the family.

‘I booked a sports car, and I once went into Homebase to look around and, before I knew it, I’d ordered a whole new bedroom suite.’

A whole new bedroom suite? Is that like someone who is hooked on narcotics ordering round after round of champagne and the occasional flotilla of parading members of their preferred sex? Which raises the question, what is it about Mrs Dillon’s drug regiment that is leading her to behave out of the ordinary? Or are we to wonder that the drugs have perhaps freed part of her inhibitions and sent her into dizzy abandon at the cost of rational behavior. But maybe that’s the irony of taking drugs, legal or not, they may help cure a condition, or at least leave one fuxked up lightheaded, but then present them with a new set of challenges.

But if you think Mrs Dillon is going overboard, studies have shown some sufferers of Parkinson’s disease, who use prescribed drugs to combat their condition turning to extra marital affairs as well as gambling addictions in response to the extra stimulation. The moral of the lesson, just when you think you have a remedy for a condition, a new one quickly replaces the old one you were combatting. Sounds a lot like ordinary life actually. Anyone for a pill?


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