Home Scandal and Gossip Woman nearly dies having Croatian yacht sex.

Woman nearly dies having Croatian yacht sex.


This may not be the best story to tell in mixed company.  During a “passionate act” in the bathroom of a yacht off the coast of Pakleni Otoci, an island of Croatia, a British man and New Zealand woman broke the sink that got all jagged and sharp.  The woman fell, and the sink cut through her flesh and bone, leaving left hand dangling by a little slice of skin.

Police told the Croatian Times that the woman nearly died (from loss of blood? how long was she laying in the yacht?!), but was airlifted to a nearby hospital where her limb was reattached after a six hour operation.

The twist: the British man has fled.  Police are tracking him down, and the girl “is understandably hard to speak at the moment.”

Hm.  Why would the man flee the scene?  Was this a freak accident, or some heat-of-the-moment, bacchanal assault?  He had to be the one to contact authorities, no?  What was he afraid of? Sounds fishy to me.  Maybe he had a record.  Or maybe the sight of a severed limb was too much for him.

Anyway, that vacation pretty much sucked for both of them.

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  • Ironic given Pakleni Otoci means “Hell Islands” in Croatian.