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School teacher caught performing sex act on doll with cut out holes on school grounds


Daniel Torrolt wants to let you know when love beckons there is so very little he can do to resist it…

56 year old Daniel Torrolt, who happens to work as an in house music tutor from his home had the unfortunate inconvenience of having to explain himself to authorities when they recently came across upon him, ahem, ‘performing’ sex acts on a child like doll with punctured holes under a bridge on school grounds close to his home.

In his defense, Mr Torrolt argued his actions were the result of impulses (yes surely you have one to three of your very own cut out dolls under your mattress for when the need arises) directly correlated  to attention deficit disorder. Which is his way of saying he couldn’t resist the advances of Priscilla,  or whatever he calls his dolls ( who’s libido one can barely imagine Mr Torrolt matching) as the need to go on an immediate date with her arose.

Of course the question arises as to how Priscilla,was able to whisper in  Mr Torrolt’s ear and convince him that he ought to take her for a quick walk onto the nearby school grounds where she would allow Mr Torrolt to have his way with her. But these are the secret passions of lovers who march to their own drum.

Upon questioning, Mr Torrolts insisted his sexual deviancy romantic inclinations did not involve children and upon an investigation at the family home whom he shares with his two (gulp)  children police were unable to find anything which could further incriminate him.

Personally, me and the chipmunks think if Mr Torrolt wants to get to know the deeper resolve of (pun intended) of Priscilla who are we to stop him? That said, some degree of discretion and a firm spanking from one of the dolls from time to time should see Mr Torrolts learning to curtail his advances in open environments.

To date, Mr Torrolt has been issued a citation and ordered to stay off school grounds. Well let’s see what Priscilla has to say about that…