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Farmer in India with suspected hernia is found to have uterus instead.


Near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, a man called Ryalu went into the hospital with stomach pains. He left after surgeons removed a uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, cervix, and undeveloped vaginal tissue.

The Telegraph spoke to Dr. Pramod Kumar Shrivastava, who suspected a run-of-the-mill hernia, but admits to his surprise at finding female reproductive organs during a “exploratory operation” on Ryalu.

Ryalu, father of two, with external male organs, never had an issue with his stomach until recently, thus unaware completely of his condition.  Dr. Shrivastava asserts in the article, “although he is medically a hermaphrodite, his hormones and sexuality are clearly male.”

“The external reproductive organs of the patient were masculine and he has no problems whatsoever with his sexuality. He had functional male genitals and there was no formation of breasts in the patient. It’s an embryological accident at the time of embryonic formation,” he said.

With no mention of Ryalu’s consent to the hysterectomy, we’re left to assume he wanted it without question.  The organs were not causing the pain; it was the hernia.  God forbid he go on intersex?  Another difference equated with defect?  People go on blaming various causes for intersex births, especially in these regions of the world—the caste system encouraging inbreeding, pollution causing birth defects, yada, yada, yada—but what’s important here should be consent, no?

Granted, the man was “stunned” by the doctor’s discovery, but why throw out all extraordinary elements to go being ordinary as a default decision?

Until we understand more about the intersex condition, maybe we should try to explore the cases we know of.  Otherwise, how are we going to learn?

  • Danielle

    As an intersexual, I’d like to extend my thanks for posting with that tone of voice. I wasn’t some “mistake” that happened in my “embryonic” stages of life. I’m just me. Yet, I had some kind of surgery when I was only days old to “correct the mistake” and have suffered for it since.

    Until science understands intersexuality more fully, they need to STOP performing needless surgeries that aren’t causing pain and are not “life threatening”. If all he had was a hernia, fix it and be done! Can’t they understand that we just want to be left alone?

    Thanks for sharing.