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Anti topless male protestors belligerently protest their rights against pro female topless protestors.

Image source; Jezebel

Image source; Jezebel

To be topless or not to be?

Personally I’m off the opinion everyone should be able to wear and dress how they like in public, but I’m afraid I might be in the minority with that opinion. As you may or may not know certain states here in the US allow both men and women to go around topless and in some states don’t (I do know in my home state of NY women can go topless but when I  tried googling which other states where women can go topless 4 different search attempts on google proved fruitless). That of course presents a dilemma when it comes to male and female gender equality, and frankly if men can go around barechested, I suppose women can too.

That however is not the way a couple of anti topless protestors saw it though this weekend at a gotopless.org event where two anti right to be topless protestors (former conservative councilman, Carl Mumpower and former Buncombe County GOP chairman Chad Nesbitt turned up at a pro right topless gathering for men and women and argued the following;

citizen-times: “filed a complaint with the Department of Social Services alleging children were exposed to obscene displays of bare breasts and calling for an investigation into the event, billed as a gender equality event by organizers.”

The two then went on to call the pro-toplessness event “child sexual abuse.”

Which raises the question, what is it about female’s breasts that provokes so much hysteria in society and does it have something to do with the fact that we have loaded women’s breasts with so much sexual innuendo that as a society we’re possibly promoting lascivious sexual conduct or at the very least some would argue warping the sense of decency?

Then of course the conversation really gets batty when you allow the church its view that women must show themselves decently in public. But who said the church still has a say in how we get to live in society when judicial and administrative laws are the construct by how we judge what is technically legal or not in the US?

But then again I wonder how as guys we’d feel if we had our breasts sexualized on TV, bus faces and countless magazines maybe we’d want to fight the extra distance to have our breasts completely liberated from the construct of only being something that only appears when it comes to sex.

That said, as pro equal gender rights as this author may be certain individuals who might have a hard time understanding there’s a difference between thrusting your breasts against your lover’s face during sex as opposed to when you are sashaying down the street with your ripe breasts as nature first intended.


  1. The ‘pro child abuse event’ comment made me laugh. The men forgot that breasts are designed to provide sustenance for a child while they are young, and all children have relied on those breasts for life, so they don’t starve.

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