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Woman’s Big Boobs Save Her From Drowning


Remember that woman that was on Oprah years ago that was stabbed by a marlin or a swordfish or something, but her breast implants saved her?  For some reason, I bring that up in conversation all the time.

This story will probably be added to the rotation now, too.   The Romanian Times reports that “A busty Austrian woman was saved from drowning on a Croatian holiday by her boobs.

“Jana Filipsky, 30, had been partying all night and stripped off down to her bikini bottoms to jump into the water and cool off while on her way home.”

This seems like a fine idea after one’s been dancing in the summer heat, but poor Jana soon realized that she was too drunk to swim.   So, in a stroke of genius, she let her boobs do the work—all night long.

A police patrol boat picked her up early in the morning the next day.

She was fished out of the water where officers said they believed the woman’s chest had helped to keep her floating the right way up – and to stop her drowning.

Men are screwed in this sort of situation.  But we have to wonder: do real boobs act as floatation devices, or must they be implants?

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