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When crashing a wedding, do not slap a cop in the crotch or say, “Let’s kill some people”


Michael A Lafreniere would like to teach you the etiquette of making a scene at someone else’s wedding.

Michael A. Lafreniere was drinking in the lobby of a Chicago Hilton and decided to sneak into a wedding party.  He could not make it past the employees, so he faked sleep on the lobby couch.

Triblocal: Employees called police when Lafreniere refused to go to his room, reports said. When officers arrived, Lafreniere clenched his right fist, flexed his right bicep muscle and said “Let’s kill some people,” according to police. He then tried to slap an officer in the groin area and resisted arrest, reports stated.

Lafreniere was charged with battery and resisting arrest.

I like this story because it’s total unintentional camp, Susan Sontag’s “passionate failure.”  He tried to get into a wedding, and failed; he tried to fall asleep on a couch, and failed; he tried to back-hand slap a cop’s groin, and failed.  Fail, fail, fail.

Can’t blame a guy for trying, though. Let’s see how he manages at his own wedding one day…

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