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Swedish police train sperm-sniffing dog to catch rapist.


The newest addition to Southern Sweden’s police force has closed the case on a 23-year-old man accused of physically forcing a woman to perform oral sex in a park in June.

The Local: The evidence against him is heavy.

On top of a medical certificate testifying to bodily damage, witnesses who’ve spoken with both the victim and the accused, as well as a witness who overheard the act, the prosecutor has one more ace up his sleeve in the form of the sperm-sniffing police dog’s forensic investigation.

It seems this dog, Rapports Opus, a new graduate of the dog academy, tracked down the perp’s sperm, which went through DNA testing.

A novel approach to investigation, but what exactly did this training entail?  And whose idea was this?  The Nazi’s?

Rapports Opus underwent a year’s training in order to reach his exalted position as the sole sperm-sniffing dog of the region.

Carlsson will be testifying in the trial against the 23-year-old. This marks the first time evidence from Rapports Opus sperm-sniffing abilities is used in court, as he only graduated from the dog academy in August 2010.

Sweden can keep on boasting of it’s semen-dog, while other police investigators rely on their black lights to track down stains.  Training a dog to develop a penchant for sperm might be akin to training a dog to be resilient on narcotics, but these days it just might be the luck of the draw what task a dog might have to adapt itself with. So much for sprayed semen in the forest anyway…

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