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Police officer under investigation for having sex with three women while on duty


Don’t worry, it was not on the same day, and no one filmed it.  PC Troy Van-Edna aka Stud Cop is under investigation for gross misconduct.

Express.co.ukIn a formal complaint to his employers at Greater Manchester Police, one of the alleged lovers claimed they had sex less than 24 hours after he stopped her for not wearing a car seat belt.

Motorist Joanne Pinder said she had consensual sex with the officer in the boiler room of Litt leborough Police Station in Rochdale.

Miss Pinder, 34, a support worker for a learning disability service, was interviewed for seven hours by officers from the force’s professional standards branch, which investigates complaints against officers.

Another two women have also came forward with similar claims.  Since all three liaisons were consensual, no criminal investigation is underway. Of note, PC Troy Van- Edna was on a twelve-month restriction wherein he had no contact with the public prior to the complaints. Hmm…

Now, this begs the question of why these women came forward in the first place, right?  If Joanne Pinder was willing to be so bad as to the break into the station boiler room to have sex, why would she rat Van-Edna out?  Guilty conscience, or spurned lover? Perhaps she should have just paid that seat belt ticket.

Sounds like the Wild West moved east to England.