Home Scandal and Gossip Garage sale nightmare: Woman refuses to sell to homosexuals, muslims and immigrants.

Garage sale nightmare: Woman refuses to sell to homosexuals, muslims and immigrants.


Everyone is welcome to buy except the following: Homosexuals, immigrants and Muslims.

nydailynews: A woman in Leesburg, Va., is receiving national attention after she responded to queries about an ad on craigslist about her garage sale with a racist and homophobic email.

The email, sent to Gawker.com by a man who just needed some furniture, welcomes everyone to the sale – except “LGBT people, illegal immigrants, and muslims.”

After all, she writes, she’s looking to avoid “drama, terrorism, or illegal transactions with non-US citizens/illegal immigrants/people taking jobs away from people who belong and are legal in this country is desired. Thanks.”

Of course like us your first impulse is that this must be a clever elaborate joke, but lo and behold, our sweetheart seller is quite legitimate. After all why create a fuss during the sale when you can create a media wide scandal after it? That’ll show all them gays, Muslims and foreigners. Right? Of course it will. All garage sales people always know better. When didn’t they?

When the Gawker tipster, who is gay, emailed the woman back asking why she was discriminating against potential shoppers she replied, “i have gay friends, but i don’t need that kind of unknown drama element around me as i know how it can be at times. no thanks. just like i don’t want someone drunk or on drugs at the sale. homosexuality is a sin and i won’t stack up your sin against mine, but i can choose the type of people to whom my belongings will end up with … and what I’m supporting with that action.”

Really who doesn’t have gay friends? But must we sell to them too? Really fair is fair, and who needs the drama, right? Gawd by the time they finish going through all the pink and purple furniture there wont be anything decent left for us normal folk. And please you bitches don’t get me started on them Muslims. Enough said! Geesh!

In the ad, the woman included links to her Facebook album featuring the furniture that was for sale. The pictures are now littered with comments mocking her emails.

“Purple seems to be a recurring color. Which, interestingly enough is like the unofficial color to raise awareness for teenagers who have committed suicide after being tormented, teased, harassed, etc for being gay,” one commenter wrote on a picture of a bathroom storage cabinet surrounded by a purple wall.

And on a picture of her stainless steel sink, another commenter quipped “Meth lab, here I come!”

Isn’t it time you had a racist homophobic yard sale yourself? It’s bound to be drama free, or not….

(the ad just in case you munchkins are interested has finally been taken off craigslist, never mind there’s always tomorrow – right?)