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Young couple arrested after caught having sex in front of 50 people including children on Florida beach.

'For your eyes only....'
'For your eyes only....'

Tonight’s prix fix menu comes with 2 illicit tasty morsels…

It seems customers at Caddy’s restaurant off Treasure Island, Florida were offered a rather special treat recently as one young couple were getting to ‘viscerally’ know each other.

The couple, 21 year old Erica Huerte, and 22 year old Steven Douglas were later charged with one count of lewd and lascivious exhibition (we bet) after engaging up to half an hour in various intimate sex acts. All this within 100 feet within proximity to the restaurant.

Of course what made the ardent display of affection somewhat tenuous was the fact that there were 5 children crying playing nearby.

According to the Daily Mail (whom seem to specialize in such mesmerizing features…oh well) the couple had been drinking heavily before beginning to kiss and fondle each other, and then taking each others clothes off.

Kids, let’s be honest, I’m going to have to go out for a second and powder due to the sheer fact even I can’t stop blushing.


What does make this tale circumspect and disparaging is that Douglas was released the next day after posting a $10 000 bail while Huerta still remained in custody in lieu of her considerably smaller bail of $2500, which makes this author wonder why the male in this instance was asked to carry the heavier burden?

Don’t you wish you could still find the energy to frolic on the beach once in a while too?

  • Kris W

    You have to remember that this is Florida we are talking about. A state that sees nothing wrong with 3 teenage girls stripping a little boy naked to make and distribute a child pornography video online.

    Heck look at what Florida did a service man who was oversea’s for over a year. He came home found out his wife just gave birth(like I said he was oversea’s for a year+). He did the responsible thing and filed for divorce. But because the child was born while they where still married the ex is still “entitled” to child support from him!

    + Florida was and still is a slave State. That enough explains it all.