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Second set of nude Blake Lively photos turn up- who’s really responsible?


Fashionista Blake Lively turns up at Gossip Girl’s 100th bash in a see through dress. Hot bitch status confirmed.

It’s time to gawk at naked pictures of Blake Lively.

Why does Blake Lively get to have all the fun?

The more I think about it the more I think it doesn’t matter who’s naked body parts these are. In fact you can bet a wet fart that Lindsay Lohan is sitting at her home locked jail home wishing she could have pulled off that stunt. Cause as them bitches in Hollywood say- no press is bad press and Lilo to her dying day will testify to that. Alas this isn’t about Lilo, this is about another media whore– yes, sweet nectar sunshine Blake keep the lid off Lively.

Just remember the adage when it gets hot it only gets hotter, which brings us to the second barrage of naked good times (which if you really need to lay your eyes on- click here- yes- they are ridiculously saucy).

starpulse: But on Thursday, the person responsible for the leaked images struck back, releasing 17 more photos – again claiming they’re the actress – with a message for Blake and her rep.

“Oh, yes, Blake’s rep. These are totally fake. We really, really believe you. Want moar? BTW, thanks for all the faps,” the message reads (if you don’t know what ‘faps’ means, Google it, because we’re not going there).

And just in case you don’t think it’s Blake’s faux publicist pulling the wool over our collective eyes, TMZ had this astute observation to make:

TMZ.com points out that in the new set of pics – particularly the ones in which the woman’s face can’t be seen, a couple of small star tattoos in one topless image and a neck tattoo in another – the same style that her character in The Town had.

And just a side note: Blake’s new movie, Green Lantern opens on June 17th. Seems like these things always happen around a movie or album release, doesn’t it?

The moral of the lesson? Never believe what a publicist ever tells you. Just nod your head and be grateful they’re still knocking on your door. See you at the cinema June 17.