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Mother watches idly as babysitter sells her 3 year old boy in exchange for sex so they could smoke meth.

The meth pipe.

The babysitter- Jennifer Chapman

How much meth does it take before you sell your soul?

A 3 year old boy is in critical condition pursuant to a series of events that saw him sold by its babysitter for a fix of meth to two men who used him as a sex toy, bludgeoned his head, forced him to drink bleach, before scraping the base of his head and part of brain out on the sidewalk.

From there the boy was exposed to bleach where he suffered chemical burns on his neck, face and eyes, before being left to dangle by a dog collar from the ceiling.

The boy was then allegedly raped and tortured for a few more hours before being returned to his mother, Leana Lauck, who instead of rushing the boy to emergency (how the boy was still alive is a mystery) continued smoking the meth that the two men had previously given her and the babysitter- Jennifer Chapman.

According to police reports the boy suffered for 18 hours before being taken to the Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma city.

To date the two men have yet to be apprehended, in the interim Ms Lauck and Ms Chapman have been both charged with child neglect.

The mother-Leana Lauck

On the surface one can argue that these women deserve all sorts of punishment and have failed miserably at being conscientious guardians, or even better- failed to even be decent human beings, but what will the state, all the therapy workers, the police have to say to this boy should he survive and he looks at himself in the mirror one day and wonders why he resembles the pungent backend of a collective self wound aimed at his innocent being.

Isn’t it time you finally put the meth away too?


The meth pipe.



  2. This is so sad! my heart is hurting so bad right now 🙁
    How can a mother not have LOVE for her little angel?! >:[
    I will pray for this little angel <3 & God will punish these MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. These “people ” want a baseball bat round them for what they did to a innocent little boy. People who molest children need to be beaten to a pulp. FACT whoever they are .

  4. I used to be a meth amphetamine user and can honestly say that no matter how much I wanted to get a fix, I would never do something even remotely close to this… It makes me sick to my staomach. I can say that this is a powerful drug, this lady/mother/poor excuse for a peice of shit, excuse me… has to have a severe lack of knowledge about how to be and act human and has no sympathy from me, an ex-user and someone who should know and understand about her needs. The death penalty is too kind to her and rotting in jail just costs more money than she deserves.

  5. Anyone who does that to a little child doesn’t deserve to live amongst us.All four of them should be put in cages and paraded around the city streets,after that they should be publicly flogged within an inch of their lives and after that, salt should be scrubbed into their wounds. Then they should be left bleeding and naked tied to wooden posts in the town centre over a number of days and let it be the public’s decision to meter out as much punishment as they see fit ,until they are put into solitary confinement for the rest of their miserable lives.

  6. I read about this this morning and clenched my jaws so tight that I cracked a tooth! The 4 scumbags should be very grateful that I’m not in charge of what’s going to happen to them.

    Limp wristed, liberal snobs look down their noses at those of us who believe that punishments should fit the crime so that animals like this might think twice before committing attrocities. But it’s the fault of those snobs that these animals believe that they can get away with their crimes. They are these animals accomplices. They are the ones who are to blame that the rest of us will be supporting these scumbags for the rest of their scummy existence.

  7. My heart hurts for that poor little boy to be hurting and in pain for so long while his mother kept on doing meth. Jail is to good for both of those women, they should be tortured just like the child was but that will never happen. They are probably both out on bail right now doing meth again.

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