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Female teacher jailed for 15 years for giving oral sex to her pupils.


What was Amy Kathleen Caudle thinking?

In the ongoing saga of teachers who misappropriate their authority, yesterday Alabama school teacher Amy Kathleen Caudle was sentenced to 15 years jail after pleading guilty to two counts of second degree sodomy.

All of which raises the question why do teachers continue risking their freedom and their ability to earn a living by appropriating themselves with their students?

Is it the thrill? The feeling of power? The intrigue of the illicit? The physical attraction that one sometimes feels towards a younger person? The desire to cross tabooed conventions. Or just simply a need to experience love, lust and intimacy at almost any cost?

Is this a situation that only pertains with female teachers? Are there male teachers doing the same, surely yes, but why has there been a systemic rise in female teachers risking it all? Is the allure of being with a young boy worth so much?

Ms Caudle will have a long time to come to terms with all the above questions.


Why are so many female teachers having affairs with their students?

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  • Derpicus

    Uh, yea… Don’t mean to poke holes here but…

    The title of the article says she was jailed for giving oral sex; the first paragraph states she plead guilty to 2nd degree sodomy? How does that exactly work? The author of this article does know what sodomy is right?