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Man cuts off woman’s head in shopping market and then runs off with it.


Beheaded woman, Jennifer Mills-Westley sought refuge prior to her attacker’s frenzied advances.

Beware of shopping centers in the Canary Islands.

cnn: A knife-wielding man attacked a woman in a supermarket, eventually cutting off her head and running away with it, government officials in Spain’s Tenerife Island said Friday.

The man entered a shopping center in the town of Arona, in the Cristianos area of Tenerife, and stole a knife from the supermarket before attacking the apparent stranger, a central government spokeswoman said.

It should be noted that the 62 year old woman he attacked, Jennifer Mills-Westley, was a random stranger, without any provocation or motive, which only makes this crime even more pervasive. It should also be noted that the perpetrator- Deyan Valentinov, was only recently released from a psychiatric hospital.

Shopping center security guards were alerted and chased the man, subduing him until police arrived. The man, whom national police in Tenerife identified as a Bulgarian, was apparently known in the shopping area, the government spokeswoman said.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth office confirmed Friday that a British national had died in Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands.

Sometimes life can never be understood, whether you’re coming or going or simply running off to the store to buy a carton of milk…

Spanish man casually lugs his decapitated girlfriend’s head to the bar.

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